Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Section 1 - Definitions:

1.1.    “Owner” means any existing or new customer of Mahindra Electric Vehicles Limited (‘Mahindra Electric’) who owns either vehicle type i.e. e2o or e2oPlus or both.

1.2.   “Club Electric Programme” or “Programme” means the Loyalty Programme offered by Mahindra Electric, to provide benefits to its members. This initiative is owned, managed and operated by Mahindra Electric.

1.3.   “Member” shall mean any owner of either e2o or e2oPlus or both who has opted to enroll into the Club Electric Programme after fulfilling the eligibilty criteria and signing the enrolment form.

1.4.   “Active member” is defined as a owner who is driving/charging, who is socially active on programme properties and who is communicating/responding to programme communication etc.

1.5.   “Year” shall mean the period of 12 months, staring from 1st January to 31st December.

1.6.   “Month” shall mean calendar month.

1.7.   “Quarter” shall mean a consecutive period of 3 months, starting on the first day of January, April, July, or October in a calendar year.

1.8.   “Benefit” shall mean certain special Benefits and facilities that are given to the Member, based on pre-defined criteria of the Club Electric Loyalty Programme.

1.9.   “Reward” shall mean specific items for which programme currency can be redeemed.

1.10. “Redemption” refers to the exchange of eMiles for products/ services or any other items specified by Mahindra Electric from time to time.

1.11. “Club Electric Programme Helpdesk” shall mean the service centre for resolving Member’s queries in connection with or related to Club Electric Programme.

1.12. “eMiles” shall mean the points that the member will earn on valid transaction/ activity.

1.13. “Valid transaction/ activity” shall mean behaviour specified by Mahindra Electric from time to time.

Section 2 - Membership and Enrolment:

2.1.   Membership- Eligibility, Entity & Identification –

2.1.1.      “Club Electric Programme” is currently valid and operational only for e2o and e2oPlus owners of Mahindra Electric in India.

2.1.2.      Mahindra Electric may include other car/ vehicle owners in India or other geographies outside India at their sole discretion, to be part of the programme in future.

2.1.3.      Member status and benefits of Club Electric Programme are offered at the sole discretion of Mahindra Electric.

2.1.4.      Employees of the Mahindra Electric, its affiliates, service partners, consultants or subsidiaries and the employees (collectively 'employees') are not eligible to participate in the Club Electric Programme.

2.1.5.      Entity - Programme Membership will be in the name of the person under whom the car is registered.

2.1.6.      Identification- The VIN number of the car will be the unique membership identifier in the system.

2.1.7.      Alternate identifiers will be the registered mobile number/ email id.

2.2.   Enrolment, Membership Validity & Programme Validity –

2.2.1.      Enrolment into the Club Electric programme will be confirmed only when the member fills the Enrolment form, accepts the Terms & Conditions and submits online.

2.2.2.      Non-submission of the enrolment form & T&C will mean no membership to the programme.

2.2.3.      Membership to the Club Electric Programme is currently free.

2.2.4.      Enrolment will entitle the member to a single Membership account in his/ her name.

2.2.5.      If a member has multiple cars (e2o/ e2oPlus) – it will be treated as a single membership provided they are linked to the same registered email id and/or mobile number. This is at the sole discretion of Mahindra Electric.

2.2.6.      Membership of Club Electric Programme and its Benefits are non-transferrable and non-assignable. This is at the sole discretion of Mahindra Electric and subject to change.

2.2.7.      Membership to Club Electric Programme will be valid as long as the member is Active and owns the car.

2.2.8.      If ownership of the car is transferred, the onus is on the new owner to register the programme membership in his/ her name.

2.2.9.      If a member is completely inactive for three consecutive years despite sending several reminders and activation communication, the member’s membership will be terminated and he/ she will be informed accordingly through email.

2.2.10.  A member can choose to opt-out of the programme at any time by clicking the opt-out button on the member portal.

2.2.11.  Programme validity is lifetime with annual review and renewal. The programme will be launched as Club Electric 2017. The programme will be reviewed and re-launched every year in January.

2.2.12.  The Club Electric programme will have no tiers in first year. Mahindra Electric reserves the right to include tiers at any point in the programme.

Section 3 - Programme Earn:

3.1.   Programme Currency –

3.1.1.      Programme currency will be called eMiles.

3.1.2.      Membership to Club Electric Programme entitle members to earn eMiles, which can be redeemed for Rewards from a catalogue or for specific items that may be communicated to the member from time to time, in accordance with the Terms & Conditions of the Club Electric Programme.

3.1.3.      eMiles issued are not legal tender and have no monetary value and cannot be bartered or sold by members for cash at any point of time. These eMiles may only be exchanged for rewards or benefits.

3.1.4.       eMiles can be earned by members for valid transaction/ activity (various behaviours) as specified in the earn rules at launch and reviewed and refreshed from time to time.

3.1.5.      eMiles will expire if unredeemed till validity.

3.1.6.      Data from Mahindra Electric systems will be taken as sole and final source for eMiles calculation unless explicitly stated by Mahindra Electric.

3.2.   eMiles Accrual Rules, Validity, Expiry –

3.2.1.      Member will earn –  1 eMile by for every 1 km driven. 20 eMiles for each 100% charge with charging time equal or greater than 4 hours. 1,000 eMiles for each referral of e2oPlus test drive. 75,000 eMiles for every referral given that converts into a sale of e2oPlus.

3.2.2.      Any fractional eMiles earned will be rounded up to the nearest integer. For example, if a Member earns 125.90 eMiles from a transaction, it will be rounded up to 126 eMiles, whereas if he/ she earns 125.40 eMiles it will be treated as 126 eMiles.

3.2.3.      EcoPoints as a currency will cease to exist from 01st January, 2017. All existing e2o/ e2oPlus owners who have EcoPoints in their account will receive eMiles in exchange for their EcoPoints at a conversion rate of 1 EcoPoint = 25 eMiles. These will be credited to their opening balance after they enrol into the Club Electric Programme.

3.2.4.      eMiles will be credited on a monthly basis into each membership account for the previous month’s transactions. Date of delivery of such eMiles is at the sole discretion of Mahindra Electric.

3.2.5.      Retro-credits - If any eMiles are retrospectively recognized in the system then that will be added in the month of calculation after recognition month.

3.2.6.      eMiles validity/ expiry – eMiles expiry will happen only once a year. All eMiles earned during a year (January-December) will be expired in January of the year following the next year; E.g All eMiles earned during January-December 2017 will expire in January 2019, if not redeemed by then. All eMiles earned during January-December 2018 will expire in January 2020, if not redeemed by then. And so on. This is at the sole discretion of Mahindra Electric.

3.2.7.      eMiles earned by any individual Member cannot be transferred to other Club Electric Programme Member or combined with reward programme administered by past, present or future partners of Mahindra Electric and any other programme offered by Mahindra Electric unless otherwise specified by Mahindra Electric.

3.2.8.      In case of the death of the Member, eMiles will not transfer to any other family Member.

3.2.9.      Mahindra Electric reserves the right to change/ remove/ add new rules for earning eMiles.

Section 4 - Redemption & Rewards:

4.1.   Redemption –

4.1.1.      Only registered members are eligible to redeem eMiles.

4.1.2.      Redemptions will be opened for all members from 14th April 2017.

4.1.3.      Redemption will be ongoing and members can redeem at any time.

4.1.4.      The minimum earn threshold for first redemption is 5000 eMiles.

4.1.5.      Members can redeem their eMiles balance for attractive rewards from a digital catalogue available  on member web-portal, www.mahindraclubelectric.com

4.1.6.      eMiles as last updated in  the system will be taken for redemption.

4.1.7.      eMiles redemption will follow the FIFO (First In First Out) principle.

4.1.8.      Cash top-ups will not be allowed for redemption.

4.1.9.      Mahindra Electric may choose to announce blackout periods for redemption.

4.2.   Redemption Options, Process & Dispute –

4.2.1.      Members can only redeem eMiles against reward catalogue provided in the Club Electric programme– or for specific items communicated to them as part of programme communication.

4.2.2.      Rewards are subject to availability. In case of non-availability of a particular reward, Mahindra Electric may in its discretion offer a similar Benefit of equivalent eMiles value.

4.2.3.      Only registered members are eligible for redemption. Family members etc. will not be allowed to redeem on behalf of the member.

4.2.4.      Members can log in only one redemption request in a day. The request however may be for multiple items in the catalogue.

4.2.5.      Redemption requests will be accepted online, by the helpdesk, or through any other mode– as specified by Mahindra Electric.

4.2.6.      A member must allow a minimum of 2 weeks for processing of any redemption requests.

4.2.7.      Redemptions against any item selected in the rewards catalogue would be delivered to the member registered address. Delivery of merchandise will be made only to addresses within India.

4.2.8.      Redeemed rewards once issued will not be changed and the member will not be entitled to any refund or credit for the eMiles redeemed.

4.2.9.      In case of any dispute between a Member and Club Electric Programme, the member account will be frozen and no redemptions allowed till resolution.

4.2.10.  Mahindra Electric will have the final say in member disputes.

4.2.11.  Mahindra Electric cannot accept responsibility for any delays in the delivery of Benefits or any damage or quality of the Rewards.

4.2.12.  All rewards offered by Mahindra Electric are on a best effort basis. In case a Member is not offered a particular Reward or if Mahindra Electric does not make a particular Reward available, Mahindra Electric will not be liable to compensate the Member in any manner howsoever.

4.2.13.  Payment of all taxes may be applicable from time to time and shall be borne by the Member. Mahindra Electric shall not be liable for any claim arising in respect thereof.

4.2.14.  I agree to all Terms & Conditions of the program and grant explicit consent to receive communication from Mahindra Electric and its partners on the details shared by me.

Section 5 - Club Electric Programme Helpdesk:

5.1.      Club Electric Programme helpdesk is the extended service centre for resolving Member’s queries in connection with or related to Club Electric Programme with below details –

5.1.1.   Helpdesk contact no.- +91 22 6134 2260.

5.1.2.   Helpdesk email ID- helpdesk@mahindraelectric.com

5.1.3.   Helpdesk will function from 10.00 AM to 05.00 PM from Monday to Friday (barring public holidays defined by Mahindra Electric).

5.2.      Changes in the helpdesk number/ email id will be intimated by Mahindra Electric to the members through email.

Section 6 - General Terms and Conditions:

6.1.   Each member is responsible for remaining knowledgeable about the Club Electric Programme Terms & Conditions and the number of eMiles in his or her account.

6.2.   Mahindra Electric will send correspondence to active members to advise them of matters of interest, including notification of Club Electric Programme, changes and eMiles Updates. However, Mahindra Electric will not be liable for any failure to do so and will not be responsible for correspondence lost or delay in the mail.

6.3.   All communication will be deemed to have been received by the Member unless communicated by the member.

6.4.   Any change in the name, email ID, address, or other information relating to the Member must be notified to Mahindra Electric via the Helpdesk/ email, as soon as possible.

6.5.   Mahindra Electric reserves the right to add, modify, delete or otherwise change any of the rules, conditions, definitions, processes, benefits, rewards or reward level pertaining to the programme at its sole discretion, with or without notice, even though changes may affect the value of eMiles already accumulated. For example, Mahindra Electric may increase or decrease the eMiles required for a benefit or a particular reward.

6.6.   Mahindra Electric reserves the right to refuse, amend, vary or cancel membership and terminate benefits and rewards of any Member without assigning any reason and without prior notification.

6.7.   Upon such termination, all Benefits standing to the credit of the Member shall be lost without the Member being entitled for any compensation, and the Member shall be barred from future Membership.

6.8.   Member declares and confirms that the information provided in the Enrolment form, is the Member’s authentic information and that the Member consents to and authorises Mahindra Electric to use such information for the purposes of contacting or communicating with the Member via e-mail, SMS and/ or telephone in connection with Club Electric Programme.

6.9.   Members understand that Mahindra Electric may utilise the Member’s information for the above purpose and will not disclose the same to any third party whomsoever, unless required by law or with the Member’s consent.

6.10. The Member is aware that the Member can withdraw this consent for use of the Member’s information at any point in time by notifying the Helpdesk number/ by sending an email.

6.11. In the event of dispute in connection with Club Electric Programme and the interpretation of Terms and Conditions, Mahindra Electric’s decision shall be final and binding. Club Electric Programme shall be governed by and subject to the laws of India.  Any disputes resulting from Club Electric Programme are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of Court of Bangalore. This T&C shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of India.

6.12. In the event of any Force Majeure events such as natural calamities/ accidents/ boycotts/ unfavourable business circumstances/ acts of God etc., Mahindra Electric shall be free from all responsibility for non-performance or delays in performance or may stop this programme until further notice.

6.13. In the unlikely case of termination of the Club Electric Programme, Mahindra Electric shall inform member about the same as much in advance as possible. Accumulation of eMiles will cease immediately on termination of the eMiles Programme/ termination of the membership. However, members will be given 01 (one) month; from the date the Club Electric Programme termination is announced, to redeem a desired reward.

6.14. Any eMiles, or benefits, which the Mahindra Electric deems to have been transferred, sold or assigned in violation of the Club Electric Programme, T&C may be confiscated or cancelled.